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Your successfull registering at

Welcome at We are glad that you want to register at The following hints shall help you to create a successfull offer page in our system that will bring a lot of new guests for your accommodation.

Structure of registering
1 2 3The registration consists of three steps and begins with the inquiery of your personal data. It's followed by the form for the description of your accommdation and at last the one for the prices. The specification of the prices is also needed for the calculation of the commission and can not be placed by declarations in the description. The form for th accommodation is long. Don't be scared about this. You don't need to fill every field and you can take more than one session to complete your data. But you should close all three forms with the button on the bottom of the form. At once you will get access to your user area and the preview of your offer page. So you can easily complete your data in several sessions without ruffle.

Release after request
releaseAt the bottom of your preview page you find a box with the function to request the release of your page. Please use it when you are ready with data input and your page looks complete. Your page will be checked by our editorial and will be released if there's nothing to be questioned. This might take several days. Please have a little patience.

Page in German and English
German EnglishThat's service - a visitor can view your page in an English or a German version. The basic specifications as accommodation type and pricing are automatically translated by the system. The description of the accommodation and the surrounding for example you should give in English and German if possible. If you are not able to serve a German version please fill the English text in both fields.

Help for input
helpFor several thematical groups you often find special help texts. If you are not sure please try a click on the next help symbol above. Of course we like to help you personally too. You reach us per E-Mail at

Your phone numbers
phoneIn the form for your personal data you will find fields for phone, fax und mobile number. If available please give us especially the number for your fixed network phone.

Choose of category
phoneBasically all for the guest accessible rooms always have to be clean and cultivated of course. Apart from this there are three categories your accommodation can be assigned to, Simple, Superior and Luxury. Please choose your category by checking the assumed features below. If one or more features are missing the accommodation can be assigned to a category when an equivalent alternate feature is given. This should be found in an appropriate accentuation in the description of the accommodation.
  • Simple
    Room with or without TV and bathhroom for share with standard furniture (bed, chair, table, locker)
    Flats and houses with bathroom and kitchen with standard furniture
  • Superior
    Room with TV/Sat-TV, an own bathroom and single or double bed not a studio couch or folding bed.
    Flat or house with bathroom and full equiped kitchen with cooker, coffee maker, dishwasher, balcony/terrace
  • Luxury
    As Superior additionally exclusive furniture and situation, service, leisure and recreation facilities (pool, sauna)

Description of accommodation and surrounding
InformationThe input of the field "Description" is the first paragraph that appears on your offer page. The description of the surrounding follows behind equipment and extras. Information is vital for the success of your page please write a minimum of 3 sentences. Please remember that address data or links to an own homepage can't be placed on your page.

Choose your pricing
PricesYou can choose whether your prices depend on the number of persons or not or you can choose a list of prices for different type of rooms or accommodations. Please just choose the last option when you got different types of rooms with different pricing like hotels. For every type of room in the list a price has to be specified.

Choose your pricelevels
PricesIf you charge increased rates for special dates or events like fairs you can choose up to three pricelevels. You have to specify the dates for every generated level. The dates have to be unique must not overlap with the dates for other levels.

List of events or fairs
ListIf one level applies for several events or fairs please type in a list of semicolon separated elements like "Fair 1;Fair 2". If you know a link to the fair so that the prospects can check the dates, you can specify the list of links in the same way and order like ";" in the field below. Just links to events or fairs are allowed here. Links to your own homepage or to any other offers of accommodations are strictly forbidden.

List of accommodation types
ListIf you register a hotel or you got different type of rooms with different pricing like hotels, you can specify the list of rooms in the according fields (German/English) by separating the denominations by a semicolon like "Single;Double;Suite". The prices you list in the field below in the same way and order like "40;60;80". The lists have to contain the same number of elements. If applicable you can specify a list with weekly prices equally.

Data area
DataWhen you finished step 3 of the registering you find on your screen the starting page of your user area. On th right there is a table for your data. It starts with your personal data. Below there is the list with your accommodations which has one row at first. In th first column there is the number followed by the column "Data" in which you find a check symbol. This both columns lead you to the data form of the according accommodation. In the next column that is headed with "Page" and marked with an i-symbol you start the preview of your offer page. The last column "Photo" contains the functions to send us photos for your accommodation. Below at last you find the possibility to generate one more offer page that is registered for your user number.

Change accommodation data
DataTo change the data of your accommodation you click on its number or the check-symbol. The data input for the accommodation consists of two forms, one for the description and one for the prices again. You have to close each form with the button at the bottom to save your changes. Otherwise all changes will be lost. Please check your changes any with a look on your page by clicking the i-symbol in the column "Page". Please take espacially care for the correct specification of the prices.

Send photos
PhotoA picture says more than thousand words. We like to place up to four photos in landscape and six photos in portrait format on your page for free. Please exercise this option if possible. To do so please click on the picture-symbol in the column "Photo" of your accommodation row. On the following you have the possibilities to send us the photos as an attachement of an email or as server upload. Please follow the instructions on your screen.

LoginAfter registering you get a user-no. and PIN per email. You can further login into your user area at "For innkeepers" at For access you type in your user-no. and PIN in the specified fields and click "Login". Your access data will be sent to you again with any advice of requests or bookings. If you don't know your access data anyway you can let us send it to your email-address anytime. Give your saved email-address at "For innkeepers".


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