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How to book

Booking procedure in headwords
  • First you make a request for one ore a few contemplable accommodations for your desired dates without obligation.
  • You will get an offer for the regarding accommodation when it's free for the dates or the message that it isn't available.
  • In case of the availability you can easily confirm your booking online and will get the address data of your host at once

How to make a request
On any offer page you find the link "Booking request" on the right. For an at first non committal request please fill in the form that you find here carefully by giving desired dates for your stay. The request just regards to the concerning offer and will be forwarded to the innkeeper by email who will report whether the lodging is free for this dates or not.

You will get a note of receipt at once that is sent to your given email address. In this mail you will also find your user-ID and your PIN to get access to your personal area that is set up for you with your first request. Here you get access to your requests and bookings, you can review their status, confirm or cancel them. Please use your personal area for all your further bookings by login at "For Guests".

Important - your email-address
The answer for a request will just be sent to your email-address. Please take especially care for your correct input in this field. To every request there is sent a note of receipt by email automatically. What you should do if you do if you don't get this message is descreibed at Note of receipt not received.

When do you get the answer
Your request will be forwarded to the regarding innkeeper immediately and has to be answered by him. Because most of the accommodations are private offers where you can't find a reception the time for the answer can be different. The answer may come within a few minutes or hours but sometimes just after a few days. So short-dated requests for the same or the next day are not impossible but need a little luck. So if possible please make several requests for short-dated bookings.

How to make a binding booking
When the innkeeper answers your request, you will promptly get a message per email. In this mail again you find the access codes for your personal area where you easily can change your request into a binding booking per form. In this case you get the address data of your host with phone number automatically within a few minutes. So you can contact your host personally at once.

Note of receipt not received
Probably you've made a mistake during the input of your email-address. If you closed all browser-windows of after your request please just make a new request. Otherwise you can click on the link "For Guests" in the navigation bar at the top. Here you get to your personal area where you can review and change your registered data. Please correct here your given email address. On success you will now get a message by email about the succcesful change of your data.


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