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Terms and conditions

The agency, a service of the starway - internetservice agency of Cay Hansen, with its head office in Zierenberg near Kassel in Germany provides the services for innkeepers and prospects for an accommodation by the following conditions.

Protection of data privacy
Tha data given by a prospect or an innkeeper are saved and will be deleted on demand. The use and the transmission of the data as it is necessary to process a booking or a booking request is granted by the customer.

Scope of services and hires
The services of are free for prospects of an accommodation, innkeepers pay 10% of the booking amount just in case of a successfull reservation. For hiring contracts of a period of more than 5 month a commision of 50% of a monthly rent will be charged.

For that presents the accommodation of an innkeeper on the website of using own templates and provides the offer of the innkeeper to prospects of an accommodation. There is no claim for a listing or a special form of the presentation.

About a booking request for the accommodation listed at the innkeeper is informed immediately by email.

The innkeeper has to reject or accept a booking. The request is answered using a formular and the prospect is informed about the answer by email in the same moment. Due to a positive answer the prospect can confirm or cancel his booking. In case of a confirmation the innkeeper gets the address data of the prospect by email as the prospect gets the data of the innkeeper. With a confirmation and the transmission of the address data the booking is registered as a successful placement with the given data. Any changes of the booking data have to be reported within three days after the given date of departure. Otherwise can insist on the evaluation of the commission on base of the given data. The commission but not less than 10.00 Euro have to be paid by the innkeeper also when a binding booking takes not place by reasons the innkeeper himself has to take responsibility for. has the right to change the scope of services and rates any time. Changes of rates will be active 14 days after the declaration, if there is no contradiction.

Exclusion of liability for correctness of transfered data is not liable for the correctness of the transfered data.

Answering of requests
The information about a booking request is just done by email.

The quick reachability of the innkeeper via email is presumed and necessary for the placement. The innkeeper has to inform when he is not reachable via email for a longer time.

Account and payment
The rent is payed from the lodger to the innkeeper directly. For that the innkeeper has the right to ask for deposit.

The commissions will be charged by seperately all 1-3 month. The billing will just be done after the date of departure of the relating bookings and payment is due with receipt.

Information and business connections uses the services of the internet for the whole communication. The specification of a validated email address is essential for all processes. Basically all bookings are considered as successfull after the sending of the confirmation mail and sending of the addresses to innkeeper and lodger. Innkeepers are to inform about changes of their email address immediately.

Rules for the content of offer pages lists and presents the offers based on own templates using the declarations and material from the innkeeper.

The innkeeper has to care for the truth of the declarations. The given pictures and photos have to show the offered accommodation. Any changes have to be reported to

The content that is placed for the offer page by the innkeeper must not contain address information in any form including links to himself or other accommodation providers. In case of contravention the innkeeper is liable for compensation and a fee of 25 Euro for processing.

The innkeeper grants that all material, text, image, or software, that is provided to be released at is free from copyrights or any other rights of a third party.

Transmission of informations
In case of a confirmation of the guest the given address-data will be transmitted to both contractual partners. The users address-data saved at can be reviewed and updated by the user any time without delay.

The declaration of address-data, email-, internet-addresses, phone- or fax-numbers from yourself other prospects, innkeepers, tenement-agencys or information services using the fields for comments or other fields, that are destined for direct transmission, is strictly forbidden. In case of offense the user has to pay the commission, that would have been chargeable in case of a confirmation of the regarding request, without matter of its actual state.

Duty of truth for prospects
The prospect has to give his correct name and address. Intended false information will be prosecuted and the origin is liable for any losses.

The confirmation after a positive answer of a request is a binding reservation in terms of a hiring contract between the innkeeper and the prospect. In case of a later cancellation the innkeeper has the right to call for a compensation for the loss of earnings. The following fees for cancellation are agreed: Until 30 days before arrival 20%, 29 to 8 days before arrival 30%, 7 to 1 day before arrival 50%, on the day of arrival or later 80% of the total amount. Regardless of the cancellation fees a processing fee of 9.00 Euro has to be paid to by the guest in case of a cancellation.

Collection of fees for cancellation
In any case just the guest is liable for the compensation of losses in case of a cancellation. The innkeeper has right to call for fees declared above.

The innkeeper has the option to demand it himself from the lodger whereby 10% of the cancellation fee belong to By request the fees are demanded by whereby 10% of the booking amount are raised by the agency. Additionally a fee of 5.00 Euro for the collection procedure has to be paid to

Inspection before booking
The prospect commits to request an inspection just in case of serious interest in the offered accommodation. If the landlord agrees the address data will be transfered to both and the request will preliminary be registered as a confirmed booking. The booking will stay a subject to commission for the landlord when not the same but another accommodation offered or mediated by the landlord will be rented. If the date of inspection is missed by the prospect the accommodation is still considered to be booked by him and the normal conditions for cancellation apply. If the prospect decides not to book any accommodation offered or mediated by the landlord this is to be reported to immediately but at the latest until three days after the registered date of departure. Later reports need not to be noticed by In case of a designed false report a fee of 30% of the total booking amount but not less than 200,- Euro have to be paid to

Liability acts exclusively intermediary. Partners of the contract are the innkeeper and the guest. is not liable in case of overbooking fail of occupancy, erroneous specifications or descriptions. is not liable for damages and thieveries.

If any of the terms above should be or become void, this does not touch the other terms. Rather in place of the regulation concerned an appropriate back-up regulation applies, that the partners would have agreed upon to reach the same economic result, if they had been conscious of the voidness of the regulation.


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