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Lodging in CAGLIARI Poetto
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Top accommodation for up to 4 guests, between the Molentargius-Salt Works Park and the Poetto beach.
The apartment can be reached by public transport from the train station and the airport in 15 or 40 minutes. The bus stop is a minute‘s walk away.
On the 1st floor, the suite consists of two full funished double bed rooms, Hall, separate kitchen with fridge, hotplates and microwave oven, Bathroom with tub. The part where the owner lives is separated by a door. There you can also find the kitchen, available for the guests.
Every room has independent a/c in summer and heating in winter, well maintained, quiet and 50 m. from the Poetto beach.

Equipment: A/C and Heating in every room

With a fine and uninterrupted sand, the Poetto di Cagliari extends from the Marina Piccola port in Cagliari, near the hill of the Diavolo saddle, to the Margine Rosso district in Quartu Sant‘Elena, for a total extension of over 8 Km.
The beach is more frequented in the area adjacent to the Marina Piccola Marina, where some bathing complexes and a large number of kiosks-bars are hosted, while the part towards Margine Rosso is quieter and more secluded.

The Poetto sea has a mainly sandy bottom and no algae. The clear water remains low for several meters from the shore and is ideal for long walks by the sea and for children to play. The beach is wide in all its extension and, although very busy, it is possible to choose a more secluded position than the beach edge.

In whatever season you are visiting Cagliari, thanks to the mild climate that turns every sunny day into a small summer, a stop at Poetto is mandatory. On a beautiful day, every Cagliari stop at Poetto to enjoy a simple coffee in the sea breeze or to spread a beach towel and relax in the sun.

Il Poetto offers countless recreational activities for its guests. It is exceptional for the practice of various sports, it is equipped for families but above all it allows you to enjoy the splendid sea ​​of ​​Sardinia and the sun throughout the year.

Il Poetto and sports practices
An image of Poetto The long, limited-traffic avenue bordering the beach is an ideal place for jogging , cycling , rollerblading or skateboarding . The journey also extends by taking advantage of the large Molentargius Natural Park , with an entrance on the waterfront, where you can admire the flamingos and other volatile species typical of Sardinia. Also at the Molentargius park there are some paths dedicated to cycling and a bicycle rental service.

At the Poetto, during the summer, there are some beach volleyball nets and a free basketball court , open all year round. Naturally it is possible to practice innumerable water sports activities , such as canoeing and surf casting fishing . Many activities are based in the Marina Piccola tourist port, where it is possible to rent boats and get lessons in various water sports.

Wave Surf at Poetto
The Poetto beach in Cagliari is an excellent beach break that provides surfable conditions during perturbations coming from SE, mainly during periods from April to June and from September to November.

Maintaining the typical characteristics of a wave that breaks on a sandy bottom, the Poetto offers the best spot in a strip called the "Fourth Stop", in reference to the CTM bus stop of the PF line. During the most consistent storm surges it is possible to surf even under the Devil‘s Saddle, near the Marina Piccola Marina.

The spot of Poetto is great for those who, as a beginner, want to take advantage of school services offered by different sports groups, to live an experience of profound contact with nature in total safety or for those who, already experienced, want to hone their skills in a beach with all services just a few kilometers from the historic center of Cagliari.

Kite surfing at Poetto
Poetto beach is an ideal place for kitesurfing at all levels.

The spot has ideal conditions almost every day thanks to the thermal breeze that blows from the sea towards the hinterland as well as during the period from April to June and from September to November, in which the number of bathers is less and there is a predominance of the wind of Sirocco from SE.

Kite surfing at Poetto The Cagliari kitesurfers usually find themselves in two characteristic points of the long Poetto beach:
near the "Fifth Stop", in reference to the CTM bus stop of the PF line
near the forts dating back to World War II at the eastern end of the beach
Il Poetto is also home to some kitesurfing schools and world-class racing events, such as the World Youth & Masters Worlds Kitesurfing Champion

Routing: From the central station in via Roma:
In front of the station is the bus terminus. Take the PF or PQ or 5Zeus line towards Poetto.
Get off at the stop on Via Ischia, about 500 m. after the pharmacy and next to the supermarket.
For updated times click here:

To go to the center of Cagliari from the apartment:
the bus stop is around the corner from the supermarket, you have to cross the small one-way street, the bus stop is where the shelter is. Please note that all the stops in Cagliari are on request, you have to signal the driver to stop.
You can buy tickets either at the newsstand in front of the Lido, or on the "Busfinder" app of the CTM (payment by credit card), or even by the driver, plus 50 cents.
For updated times click here:

Lodging No. 156994

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